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Random Name Generator Tool. Need catchy names for characters, businesses, or anything? Our free Random Name Generator delivers unique & customizable options instantly! Choose style, length, & more. Generate unique names now!

Random Names Table
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Please note: While there’s no technical limit, generating an extremely high number of names (like 10,000 or more) can overload your browser and cause it to hang. We recommend keeping the number of names generated at a reasonable level for a smooth experience.


  • First & Last Names: Generate full names, perfect for characters or creating realistic profiles.
  • Just First Names: Need a name for a character or a single entity? This option is for you.

  • Number of Names: Choose how many names you want to generate at once (up to 10).
  • Gender: Specify if you want male, female, or a mix of both names.
  • Name Style: Select the desired name style - Common, Average, or Rare - to tailor the results to your preference.

  • Common: Generates popular and widely-used names.
  • Average: Creates a mix of familiar and slightly less common names.
  • Rare: Provides unique and uncommon names, ideal for standing out.

Unfortunately, our current version only generates names in English. However, we're always working on improvements, and future updates might include support for additional languages.

Absolutely! You can generate as many names as you need, completely free of charge.

No worries! Simply adjust your search criteria or try generating another batch of names. With so many options, you're sure to find the perfect name for your needs.

We appreciate your feedback! Feel free to contact us through our website and share your suggestions for improving the Random Name Generator Tool.