How to Convert Blogger Website to WordPress Platform

How to Convert Blogger Website to WordPress Platform

How to Convert Blogger Website to WordPress Platform? Do you want to change your blogging platform from Blogger to WordPress? Though Blogger is great for beginners, most find its features too limited. They consider moving to WordPress for more advanced options. A lot of bloggers think about moving from Blogger to WordPress because of these limits. This guide will teach you how to switch without losing your Google search rankings.

Blogger allows free blogging using your Google account. Yet, many find their free Blogger blog has restrictions. WordPress, however, runs 43% of all websites. It offers more power and lets you fully control and customize your blog. Not only that, with WordPress, you can boost your site’s SEO to rank higher and increase your site’s revenue.

Key Takeaways

  • WordPress is a self-hosted platform that offers complete ownership and control over your website, unlike Blogger.
  • WordPress has an extensive library of plugins and themes, allowing for greater customizability and design flexibility compared to Blogger.
  • WordPress is highly SEO-friendly, with features and plugins that help optimize your site for better search engine visibility and ranking.
  • The migration process from Blogger to WordPress can be completed in 3 easy steps, as outlined in this guide.

Reasons to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress

Moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress offers key benefits., the main WordPress platform, powers 43% of online sites. It brings many advantages that can enhance your blog significantly.

Self-Hosted Platform

WordPress is self-hosted, giving you total control over your site. This sets it apart from Blogger, which is free but under Google’s control. With WordPress, you can customize freely, monetize as you like, and build your brand without limits.

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Extensive Plugin and Theme Availability

WordPress offers countless plugins and themes. This allows for endless possibilities in function and design. Compared to Blogger, which has limited options, WordPress lets you create something truly unique and engaging.

Customizability and Design Flexibility

With WordPress, you can adjust every aspect of your site to fit your needs exactly. You can choose from a vast array of plugins and themes to achieve your desired design and features. It’s great for custom layouts, e-commerce, and SEO strategies.

SEO-Friendly Features

WordPress stands out for its SEO benefits. It comes with built-in features and supports many SEO plugins. This makes it easier to set up your site for better search engine rankings and attract a larger audience.

how to convert blogger website to wordpress

The first step is to get a WordPress hosting plan. We suggest Bluehost as they’re a top WordPress partner. With them, you get a free domain and a 60% off on hosting.

Step 1: Sign Up for WordPress Hosting

After signing up, you export your Blogger content. Go to your Blogger dashboard’s Settings. Then, click the ‘Back up Content’ button to save an XML file with your posts and data.

Step 2: Export Blogger Content

Import this Blogger content into your new WordPress site next. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Tools, then Import.

Install the Blogger Importer plugin, click on Run Importer, and upload the XML file.

Step 3: Import Blogger Content to WordPress

Once the import is done, set your WordPress permalinks right. This aligns your post links with the old ones from Blogger for good SEO.

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Step 4: Configure WordPress Permalinks

Lastly, make sure you have redirects. This helps move visitors from your old Blogger site to WordPress smoothly. Use the Blogger to WordPress Redirection plugin for this. Also you can you rankmath plugin for redirection.

Step 5: Set Up Redirects from Blogger to WordPress


Moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress is a big step. It can help you grow your online space. Blogger is good for a start, but WordPress gives you more options. It has SEO-friendly tools and customization to improve your blog. To shift your blog, follow this guide. First, get WordPress hosting. Then, export your content from Blogger and import it to WordPress. Adjust your permalinks and set up redirects. This way, you switch without losing search rankings or visitors. Remember, moving may look hard, but it’s doable with the right help. Soon, you’ll enjoy all WordPress has to offer. It’s the world’s favorite platform for managing content.

Practical: Today, I have successfully migrate Blogger to WordPress blogs.

Example 1: English Lyrical Blog – blogger site:

Example 2: Seo Tools Blog – blogger site

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What is the process of migrating from Blogger to WordPress?

The steps to move are simple. 1) Start by getting a WordPress hosting plan. 2) Then, export your content from Blogger. 3) Import this content into your WordPress site. 4) Next, make sure your URLs in WordPress match your old ones from Blogger. 5) Finally, set up redirects so your old Blogger links go to your new WordPress site.

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What are the key advantages of moving from Blogger to WordPress?

Moving to WordPress gives you more control. You will own your site fully. You also get to choose from many themes and plugins. This means you can make your site look and work exactly how you want. Additionally, WordPress is very good for SEO. This can help get your site seen more on Google and other search engines.

Do I need to worry about losing my Google rankings when moving from Blogger to WordPress?

Don’t worry about losing rankings. If you set up redirects from your old to new URLs correctly, Google will keep up. This way, your content will still be searchable and easily found.

What hosting provider do you recommend for WordPress?

We highly suggest Bluehost. They are a top pick by WordPress. Plus, they give a free domain name and 60% off hosting plans.

How do I export my content from Blogger?

Getting your content out of Blogger is easy. Head to the Settings part of your dashboard. Then, click on ‘Back up Content’. This action will save your blog posts and data in an XML file.

How do I import my Blogger content into WordPress?

To bring your Blogger work into WordPress, follow these steps. Go to Tools > Import on your WordPress dashboard. There, add and activate the Blogger Importer plugin. After that, upload the XML file you got from Blogger.

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